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In today's high tech world, staying connected with clients, staff, business partners, and from your home, is crucial to your success. Equipment failure and downtime eliminate the connections you need in order to stay updated and focused on the tasks necessary to succeed. This is where HyRez Technical Solutions can assist you. Can you envision your business having a highly trained professional IT staff available to you whenever you need them, but without the overhead costs? Perhaps your current IT staff is focused on mission critical technical support and you need expert helpdesk assistance. Whether you need remote support services, on-site repair or maintenance support, or managed IT services, you can count on HyRez Technical Solutions to keep your company’s computer systems running at peak performance in a secure network environment.



Website Development

Does your company have an outstanding website? Do you keep it updated on a continous basis? Do you have time to manage your site? If you answered no to any of these questions, give ComputerMan a call. We take the time to listen to your needs for a website, and then tailor a package for you that will complete those goals. Remember, a website that doesn't work for you, doesn't WORK FOR YOU!

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Remote Services

In today's high demand world, businesses often have need IT Support immediately. If you don't have internal IT staff, then you have to contact your IT support and they have to drive to you. This loses precious time and money during the wait. Remote Support is an excellent choice to handle most of those issues. ComputerMan is well versed in performing remote support, and can usually get most issues resolved remotely. If you would like more information, or need immediate support, please give us a call.